Easiest Way To Tranfer Files Between Mobile And PC Using WiFi

Many times we might have faced situations like we want to transfer files between our smartphone and the Laptop or PC.

Both the devices might be supporting WiFi but what to do we will not be able to directly transfer the files through WiFi.

There are many softwares which will help us achieve it. But one of the apps really got my attention.

The app is “WifiDroid

Using this app you can transfer files between your mobile and PC through Wifi.

Install WifiDroid app and open it.


Just you need to connect both the devices through WiFi or mobile hotspot.

You will get a url, which you need to open through the browser in your PC.

Now you can copy files from the smartphone to your PC through WiFi. Copying will happen as download.

You can also copy files from your mobile to your smartphone using the upload option.

This app is very useful and also free.

Let us know through comments your experience with this app or other apps which can you feel is better than this.


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