After World cup now everybody is busy with IPL supporting their own teams.But there are many who are not able to watch these matches due to various reasons.This post will really help them to watch the matches.The official ipl online broadcaster is indiatimes and if you have an high speed internet connection you can watch it at in good quality.You can also watch it online at indiatimes youtube channel i will give the steps for watching ipl online for slow internet users like GPRS EDGE mobile internet. users. They can watch IPL online at the streaming servers provided in that site, even slow internet speed users too can stream ipl with very less streaming problems.But one thing to be noted here is that the customers should have a decent speed EDGE internet connection.The detailed procedure to watch the matches is given below:

1. Connect your phone to PC

2. Connect to internet using softwares like Nokia PC suite(for Nokia)

3. Visit

4. Select anyone of the 6 servers listed there

5. If any problems in watching,then select another server

We have verified this by watching matches using Airtel Mobile Office Internet in Kerala. It doesnt mean that you can watch it only using Airtel. You only need to have a decent speed EDGE internet connection of any service provider.It is better to have an unlimited data plan else you will be charged high for data usage.

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