Uninor launches dynamic pricing in INDIA.Uninor is the first to introduce this concept.Discounts on a call can
change from 5% to 60% by simply crossing a street. At 60% discount, you can call for as low
as 20 paisa and never more than 50 paisa. Within weeks of launching its service in India, Uninor has introduced a
radically new concept of ‘dynamic pricing’ that is likely to set a new trend in the pricing of mobile
services in India. Branded as ‘24X7 Badalta Discount Plan (DP)’, it will offer customers changing
discounts on their calls based on traffic on the network. The discounts will change with location and
with time, with each cellphone tower broadcasting a different discount. At the same location, the
discount will change on an hourly basis. By putting customers in control of costs, with 24X7 changing
discount rates, this could very well change the tariff structure in Indian telecom.
Under the ‘24X7 Badalta Discount Plan (DP)’, customers will be able to avail a discount on their calls
that ranges from 5% to as much as 60%, depending on their location and time at which they call. This
discount will be applicable on a standard base call rate of 50 paisa per minute for any local call,
Uninor-to-Uninor or Uninor-to-any other operator. This means a 1-minute call could cost as low as 20
paisa and never more than 50 paisa.
The service is being launched simultaneously in the three telecom circles of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil
Nadu and Karnataka. The plan can be activated by a customer by simply walking up to the nearest a
retail shop. The plan will be subsequently extended to other circles where Uninor services are
“Customers first and then technology that makes it happen. We make a strong demonstration of this
guiding principle with the launch of dynamic pricing,” said Stein-Erik Vellan, Managing Director,
“With the Dynamic Pricing concept, customers will get much more involved in the way they use our
service. It will make an otherwise routine activity exciting – every single time a customer picks up a
phone to make a call,” added Vellan.
How This work
The discount available at any given time will be visible at all times on the screens of handsets that
display cell broadcast. The discount visible on the screen at the time a customer calls will be the
applicable discount for the call. When the call ends, a flash will appear on the phone screen
indicating the actual discounted cost of the call.
The dynamic discounts available at any given time will
depend on network traffic and customers location at that
time, providing customers maximum flexibility to choose
between convenience and savings.
“The 24X7 Badalta Discount Plan (DP) will not only help
customers make significant savings on their bills, but also
empower them by placing the power of tariffs in their hands.
We will pass on our network capacity savings to our
customers. With customers using our service more at
locations and times that give best discounts, we will also be
able to utilize our capacity better. It is a perfect model and I
won’t be surprised if it soon becomes an industry practice.”
said Rohit Chandra, Executive Vice-President, Operations.
Sophisticated technology that puts the customer in control
Discounts are calculated by a sophisticated ‘Discount Engine’
that relies on state-of-the-art IT systems to continuously
monitor traffic at every tower in the network.
For customers, this could literally mean discounts changing
from, say 5% to 60%, just by crossing a street, as customers
move into the coverage of another tower. Over a longer
period, this would mean considerable savings on phone bills.
Leaders, not followers
Uninor was the first operator to launch with 100% outsourced tower infrastructure. The launch itself
was the largest in terms of footprint in the world with the largest distribution by any operator on
launch day. Bucking prevailing trends, the brand chose not to use superstar celebrities as
ambassadors and did not follow the ‘1 paisa per second’ pricing norms. Instead, with the “24X7
Badalta Discount Plan (DP), Uninor has set an entirely new trend that is sure to become the new
industry standard.
“In a market this competitive, differentiation will be the key to success. We will do this by listening
closely to our customers’ wishes and living our values of simplicity, respect, keeping promises and
being inspiring. Our intent is long-term – to build Uninor as the preferred service in India,” added


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